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Astaxanthin health benefits

Xi'an Rainbow Bio-Tech Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 13, 2016

Research on astaxanthin for human health
       All cells in our bodies are constantly exposed to reactive free radicals that are produced from smoking, irradiation, pollution and also as a by-product of metabolism itself. A higher level of free radicals, as compared to antioxidants, leads to increased oxidative stress in the body.
      Oxidative stress causes many health problems because it damages proteins, lipids, DNA and enzymes, which leads to dysfunctional cells and inflammation.chronic,low-level inflammation. Because astaxanthin is taken up by all cells in the body and reduces oxidative stress, it has demonstrated several health benefits in clinical studies.
      The aim of our medical research is to develop methods for the prevention and treatment of ailments caused by oxidative stress and low-level inflammations,so as to inprove health and quality of life.
Astaxanthin improves muscle endurance and recovery
       Intensive physical activity increases the level of free radicals because of a greater stress on muscle fibers and an increased metabolic level.
       In addition, while we age, the body will produce lower amounts of antioxidants and the muscles will be exposed to higher levels of oxidative stress.
      Intake of external antioxidants is beneficial for hard-training athletes as well as for older people. Astaxanthin protects muscles from free radicals and thereby enhances recovery, reduces inflammation and boosts muscle performance.
Studies on Astaxanthin indicate several positive effects for muscles.
- Enhances muscle endurance.
- Speeds the reduction of lactic acid in muscles.
- Protects the cell’s “energy stations” (mitochondria) from oxidation, which results in more energy for muscles.
Astaxanthin makes tired eyes more alert
      We are spending more time in front of computers and as a consequence there is a growing number of people suffering from eye fatigue. The symptoms of eye fatigue include eye strain, irritation, sore and dry eyes and frequent headaches.
     Overstraining the eye muscles responsible for regulating the lens is considered the main factor for eye fatigue. Astaxanthin protects these muscle from oxidation and by so doing has positive effects for eye health.
Studies on astaxanthin indicate several positive effects for the eye
- Reduces problems caused by eye fatigue.
- Improves the capacity of the eyes to accommodate to changing focal distances.
- Increases blood flow to the eyes.
Beautiful skin with astaxanthin
      The skin needs strong protection because it is always exposed to environmental pollution and UV-light, which increase the level of free radicals in the skin.
      Aging leads to reduced levels of antioxidants in the skin, which is therefore more dependent on antioxidants from food.
      Astaxanthin has been shown to give a superior protection to skin cells and it contributes to a healthier skin.
Studies on astaxanthin indicate several positive effects for the skin.
- Reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
- Improves elasticity of the skin by strengthening the collagen layer.
- Increases the moisture content of the skin.
Astaxanthin increases the likelihood of getting pregnant
      Oxidative stress reduces sperm quality, which reduces infertility. Free radicals damage the cell membrane of the sperm, which decreases sperm motility and its ability to fuse with an egg.
     Astaxanthin reduces these harmful effects, thanks to its ability to protect the sperm cell membrane from oxidation.
Increased fertility and improved sperm quality
     In a double blind, randomized study, 30 couples with infertility problems participated and the men were treated with astaxanthin or placebo. In the astaxanthin group, 54.5% of the couples were pregnant within three months, whereas only 5.4% in the placebo group had a baby.
       The men supplemented with astaxanthin had significantly lower oxidative stress in their sperm and an increased sperm quality compared to the placebo group. Similar results were also found for horses and pigs that were supplemented with astaxanthin in their feed.
Astaxanthin keeps you healthy and alert
       A well-functioning immune system that responds rapidly to viruses and bacteria is important for avoiding colds and flus.
       The immune cells are particularly sensitive to oxidative stress because their cell membranes contain a high level of unsaturated fatty acids. Oxidation of the immune cell’s membranes leads to a reduced immune response.
        Astaxanthin inhibits this oxidation and by so doing can enhance the immune system.
Studies on astaxanthin indicate several positive effects for the immune system.
-Boosts the immune system so it reacts faster to viruses and bacteria.
-Increases the number of white blood cells.
-Improves the capacity of white blood cells (neutrophils) to attack invaders.

Astaxanthin makes your stomach happy
     Common stomach problems include swollen stomach, pain, nausea and heartburn.
      Individuals who often have these problems tend to have increased inflammation in the stomach and, in many cases, an infection caused of the bacterium Helicobacter pylori.

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