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Cactus Plant P. E.

Xi'an Rainbow Bio-Tech Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 13, 2016


1. Decreased blood sugar
2. Increased immunity
3. Decreased cholesterin & weight loss
4. Restrain the pathogeny of microorganism
5. Treat gastric ulcer
6. Anti-inflammatory & ease pain
7. Anti-stimulation
8. Delay senescence

It was born on river bank, usually be planted on villages and around yards. It distributed over Guangxi Province, Sichuan Province, , Guizhou Province, and Yunnan Province, and so on.

Biological character it's better to be planted on warm, sunny, dry and no wind place. It's good that the soil is abundant of calcium and humus, PH is from neuter to weak acidity, well drain condition and dry sand soil.

The way of propagate is cuttage. On rainy season of spring and summer, the top stem is cut from the burl, and put it in draughty place, after 2~3 days, when the section is drying, then planting. It is put an half into the soil, tight, and then irrigate once, when it survive and sprout from the top, irrigate again, the space is about every 60cm or one each tub, When it planted on the field, it must weed every year; When it planted in vessel, it must be moved indoors to keep warm before frost, and move outdoors when spring comes, and muck one time. When planted, it's good to face to the sun and two sides can get enough sunshine.