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Echinacea Herb P.E.

Xi'an Rainbow Bio-Tech Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 14, 2016

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Product name: Echinacea Herb P. E(Plant extract and Herb extract)
Polyphenols 4%
We are one of chinese main professional manufacturers of Echinacea Herb P. E. We would like to introduce our products to your esteemed company
Active Ingredient: Polyphenols
Part used: Root
Apperarance: Brown fine powder
Product Content; Polyphenols≥4%
Test Mothed: UV
Product Origin: Extracted from the Root of Echinacea Herb
Action and Uses: Echinacea has been attributed with several pharmacological effects such as: Influencing pro-inflammatory enzymes, stimulating proliferation and activity of polymorphonuclear cells, protecting cells against free-radical damage, activating monocytes to produce cytokines, and possibly by weakly stimulating humoral immunity. All these effects culminate in improved protection against systemic, infectious disease