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Fengtai Tablet for Men

Xi'an Rainbow Bio-Tech Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 20, 2016

Basic Info

Product Description: This product is finely made through adopting up-to-date extraction technology of Chinese herbs. It works on equalizing Yin and Yang-the Fire and Water elements in the body. It is recommended for the promotion of good health and stamina, better sexal life and kidney enhancement, etc. It is an ideal herbal food supplement for manhood.

Product Feature
Natural pathway to Health, Vitality and Pleasure:
Increases stamina and staying power
Significantly improves health
Improves vitality and intimacy
Alleviates depression
Regains lost desire
Long lasting efficacy
Restores energy

Ingredients(Each tablet contains):
Medlar, Yam, Rhizome of Siberian Solomonseal, Epimeddium, Schisandra Fruit, Ginseng.

Product Specification/Models
Specification: 10x0.75g tablets per box.
Packing: 100 boxes to one carton.