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Fructus Gardeniae Function

Xi'an Rainbow Bio-Tech Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 05, 2016


1. Choleretic effect. Gardeniaalsoreducecarbon tetrachloride-induced liver damage.
2. Onthe role ofthe gastrointestinal tract and pancreas function Genipinthe stomachto produce anti-cholinergic inhibition.
Gardeniacan promotepancreaticsecretion.
3. The role ofthe central nervous system gardeniaalcohol extract can reduce spontaneous activity, a sedative,
4. Original microbial resistance. Ointment made from the extract, to acceleratethe healingofsoft tissue.
5. The roleof the cardiovascular system gardenia extract can reduce myocardialcontractility
6. Gardeniahas someother effectshemostasis.