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Natural Reduce Blood Pressure10%-60% Flavonoids Tartary Buckwheat Extract

Xi'an Rainbow Bio-Tech Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 01, 2016

Product Description
Supply Buckwheat Seed Extract
Product Name: Buckwheat Seed Extract
Other Name: Tartary Buckwheat Extract  Tartarian Buckwheat Extract,Buckwheat Seed Extract Powder, Buckwheat Seed P.E.
Latin Name: Fagopyrum esculentum
Botanical Source: seed of Fagopyrum esculentum
Part Used: seed
Appearance: Brown fine powder
Specification: 10:1, 20:1 or customized
Test Method: UV

Main Functions:
DCI plays an important role in insulin signal transduction in human metabolism as a secondary messenger. Insulin transports the sugar from the blood into the cell where a d-chiro inositol-containing Inositol Phosphoglycan or DCI-IPG converts the sugar into either adenosine triphospate (ATP) to be used as energy or glucagon to be stored for later use.
It is currently thought that many cases of insulin resistance, polycystic ovarian syndrome and even type II diabetes mellitus are caused by a functional deficiency of this substance through both dysfunction of the enzyme which produces DCI as well as an overly efficient method of excreting what DCI is present in the body.