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Valeriana Officinalis Extract Valerian Extract Valerian Root Extract

Xi'an Rainbow Bio-Tech Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 01, 2016

Product Description
Product Name: Valerian root Extract/ Valeriana officinalis
Other Name: Valeric Acid 0.8%, Valerian Root Extract, Valerian extract powder, Valeric Acid, Valeriana officinalis L., Var.latifolia Miq, Valerian dry extract,Valerian soft extract.
Latin Name: Valeriana offeinalis L.
Botanical Source: Root of Valeriana offeinalis L.
Part Used:Root
Appearance: Dark brown Fine Powder
Active Ingredient: Valeric Acid
Specification: 10:1, 20:1, Valeric Acid 0.8% or customized
Test Method: UV, HPLC
CAS NO.: 8057-49-6
Molecular Formula: C15H22O2
Molecular Weight: 234.33

Applicable Industries: Pharmacy, Functional Food,Beverage, Food Additives,Cosmetic

Main Functions:
1. Antidepressant;
2. Improving microcirculation;
3. Antibacterial antiviral and anti-tumor;
4. Easing the tension, anxiety and improving the role of sleep.
5. Treat gastrointestinal pain and irritable bowel syndrome.