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Echinacea Herb P.E. 4%

Xi'an Rainbow Bio-Tech Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 04, 2016

Basic Info


We are one of chinese main professional manufacturers of Echinacea Herb P. E. We would like to introduce our products to your esteemed company.

Product name Echinacea Herb P. E.

Latin name Echinacea Herb P. E.

Active Ingredient Polyphenols

Part used caudex and flower

Apperarance straw yellow or Kelly powder

Product Content Polyphenols≥4%

Test Method UV

Product Origin Extracted from the caudex and flower of Echinacea Herb.

Action and Uses: Echinacea has been attributed with several pharmacological effects such as: Influencing pro-inflammatory enzymes, stimulating proliferation and activity of polymorphonuclear cells, protecting cells against free-radical damage, activating monocytes to produce cytokines, and possibly by weakly stimulating humoral immunity. All these effects culminate in improved protection against systemic, infectious diseases.

Storage: Store in sealed containers at cool & dry place. Protect from light, moisture and pest infestation.